Support Renovating the Old Church

Please help support our vision to renovate and preserve this 226 year-old historic building in downtown Bradford, Vermont.

The Old Church Theater is important to our area and provides services, including entertainment and education, which enrich Bradford and its surrounding towns.

We are a non-profit corporation and donations to this project may be tax deductible, depending on your individual tax status.

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Restoring our 225 year-old home for year round, accessible community use.


Restoration work is in progress on the south corner of the foundation to help preserve the integrity of the building!
Next steps include meeting with an architect to draft plans and outline the full restoration project.

So far, we have:

· Received a $12,064.00 grant from the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation to address serious structural framing concerns

· Received a $500 grant for Technical Assistance Survey by Preservation Trust of Vermont

· Received a $5,000 Planning Grant from the National Trust Preservation Fund

· Received $10,000 from the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation for Emergency Stabilization

· Received $12,040.45 from individual donations, and other fundraising efforts

· Received $500 from the Hypertherm HOPE Foundation for restoration

· Received $34,262 from VCDP for planning, including financial and  engineering feasibility study

· Received $3,500 from the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board for feasibility study